Dag #10.2 Franz = held


Are you missing your telephone?

I found one.

To make sure you are the righteous owner could you please tell me where you’ve seen it for the last time?

Best regards,


Dear Franz

I’ve been looking for it the whole night at the park at Karlskirch.
I’ve been to the outdoor cinema (Kino unter Sterne) and I fell asleep at the bench we took from the park and I completely forgot I left my phone on the bench while I threw away my trash! When I wanted to move the bench back to the park I suddenly realized my phone was on it and then the bench was already moved.
I even went to the police station to report it missing, but since I didn’t hear from them I figured the phone was in Austrian hands for good.
Anyway, I’m back at work now and not able to recollect my phone. Would you be so kind to send it over to me. Off course I will pay for all the expenses.
Kind regards,

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