Bordeaux in lists

45283_150_100Dear all!

The only post on this blog in English, because I want to thank you all for the past 3 weeks. For the first time in maybe 6 or  years I’ve been away from home longer than 3 weeks. And because of you it was one of the best trips I ever made. I think I was so fortunate to meet all of you and to discover the city together. Because of you I was able to be myself and to surprise myself now and then. I hope I somehow did the same for you and that you will remember this trip the way like I remember it. Of course it was inevitable that I would create some boxes for all of you…or at least your country…

Merci beaucoup!

Bordeaux in 20 themes:

  1. Book:  Still reading the fucking Light of August by James Faulkner
  2. Movies : World War Z, Mud, Lilja 4-ever, Biutiful, Guess who’s coming to diner
  3. Food : Canard avec frites, Tiramisu du maison, strawberry soup !
  4. Drink : Oasis and Moelleux 🙂 In Bordeaux it’s legal to drink sweet wine
  5. Music : Papaoutai Stromae
  6. Clothes : shorts and havananas
  7. Bar : Le jungle bar
  8. Bus : 4
  9. Weather : every day between 30 en 40 degrees
  10. Beach : Le Porge  Ocean !
  11. Running gags: all the jokes about Salsa,  Stefan’s unfriendly attitude towards women and following a French course Rodrigo style (always late or not showing up at all)
  12. Best spot in town : Place du mirroir
  13. Biggest surprise : The Swiss
  14. Biggest disappointment : My shower
  15. Most embarrassing moment : Almost getting arrested for drinking in public
  16. Favorite French phrase:  ca marche, quelle histoire, avoir un ticket avec…
  17. Funniest moment: The guy trying to catch the bus and the condoms in the swimming pool
  18. Best activity: Horse riding in the Medoc area
  19. Best thing heard about the Dutch: “They are everywhere.”
  20. Best quote about me: “You are a lemon.”


Best quotes :

By Lola : He’s so handsome I can already see him as the father of my son. (or everything with ‘fuck’)
By Jens : No, my wife would not be jealous. She would be jealous if you were all 40 years old.
By Rodrigo : I promise I will be on time tomorrow (and of course : absolutely yes !)
By Sina : Boys are just awesome !
By Stefan : My dancing is as good as my French.
By Tommy : You sleep in my bed, I take the couch.
By Geraldine : C’est tous les jours la même avec toi !

Nationalities in our group :

Swiss : 3
Spanish : 4
English : 2
Irish : 1
German : 3
Danish : 1
Italien : 1

What I’ve learned about :

The French :

  • They do not like foreigners. I’ve been here 3 weeks and not even met one French person. As soon as you say that you don’t speak French, they wish you a happy holiday and turn around.
  • They take their time, for everything : walking, driving, eating, drinking.
  • The French men are better dancers than the Dutch men.
  • They are very fond of their lunch.
  • They are friendly, but keep a distance.
  • They can cook.
  • They can speak English better than we think.
  • They eat late (21 :00/22 :00)
  • The men dress better than the  women (in my opinion).
  • The men are also very handsome (a lot of hair and a nice tan)
  • In Bordeaux the hipster doesn’t exist, they have the retro punkrocker.


The Germans :

  • They are very very very friendly
  • They are interested in a lot of subjects
  • They are very skilled drinkers
  • They like to talk about WO II
  • They actually made me think more positive about them
  • They are very driven (they have ‘schwung’)
  • They know a lot about good food and drinks (but why don’t they cook it themselves ?)


The Swiss

  • People from Swiss are very good looking !
  • They share more or less the same cultural values with the Dutch.
  • They have a great sense of humor.
  • They are very polite.
  • They are very sportive.
  • Their language is a mix of German, French and something Scandinavian.
  • They are very rich.
  • They have a lot of talents.
  • It’s very hard to find the Swiss because they are a bit isolated and there are not a lot of them, but if you do find one it’s so much fun.


 The Spanish

  • There’s a big difference between the Spanish men and women !
  • They have a great sense of humor as well.
  • They hate bad service !!
  • They think the customer is the king (Dutch expression ;))
  • They know exactly what they want and how they want it.
  • They are very passionate about everything.
  • They like dirty sex  🙂
  • They do not talk about sex (or anything that comes close to the heart).
  • They like to touch people when they speak to them.
  • They have a really heavy accent when they speak another language. It’s almost impossible to decode.
  • They have a lot of hair.
  • They are very sociable.
  • The Spanish men have problems with being on time.


I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this list, but you know, this comes with my boxes !

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